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About Altogether In Music
Altogether In Music, or AIM, delivers aims driven music services.  A tailor made package can be put together to suit your needs.  AIM offers interactive sessions in a variety of settings for a variety of people.  

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NSPCC Child Protection certificate completed by Melanie to build on existing knowledge and help protect children in my care. 
Music Therapy
Music Therapy is a psycho-analytical intervention based on psychotherapy.  Music is used as a tool to assess psychological needs.  Music therapy is usually done in a room that is free from distractions.  The client does not need to be 'musical' to be able to benefit from music therapy.  Music therapy is usually individual or small groups of four.

Banbury Nightingales
A community based singing group based in a RVS building in Banbury.  This group meet several times a week, most of the group tell me the reason they come is for companionship, but also for fun!
     'I wake up on a Thursday morning and think great - it's singing today!'   Pam
This project has gone on to become a gigging group, we visit nursing homes in the area and encourage folks in nursing homes to join in.  
     'I wouldn't see anyone in the week, then I saw an advert for this and starting coming along.  Now I see people Mondays and Thursdays!'   Frank

Mel's Music
Mel's Music is a group I ran in Chipping Norton for adults with learning disabiltites.  This group was popular and I hope to be able to run it again in the future.  Mel's Music included activities usually found in a music therapy session and was loosely based around my training but was delivered to a large class of people and helps those who can not usually access Music therapy be able to do so.